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To be able to produce details in larger series, a punching tool or as it is also called in the printing industry punching form is required. The punching tools we manufacture are flat punches in Plywood with sawn or laser-cut grooves in which we place the steel line. Usually we put some kind of rubber ejector in the tool to push out the punched part.

We can help develop your tool or mold based on your unique needs. You can either send us a drawing, or we can design the tool from a prototype or finished part.

We can supply finished punching tools/molds with punching line from 15mm to 50mm in height. Dimensions up to 2×1 meters. 

Punching tools are mainly used for punching paper, cardboard, insulation, rubber gaskets, leather and thin plastics.

Punching tools

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Punching moulds

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