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  • Manufacture of punching tools and gaskets

    We also cut out insulation details and make punch shapes, in addition we also produce embossing and printing clichés


    Stans-Service AB has manufactured punching tools for over 60 years, and we have added a number of punching services over the years. Today, we primarily manufacture a variety of punching tools, but we can also help you develop complete solutions and deliver finished products.

    Stans-Service performs all of our work on-site at our location in Bromma, therefore, we can guarantee high-quality products, fast delivery and competitive pricing. We can perform work based on your own CAD, EPS or PDF drawings or help you develop new drawings.

    We can cut out gaskets, dummies for printed matter, top punching for sil-pads and gap-pads, insulation and adhesive film details.
    With Stans-service you will find embossing and printing clichés.


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    In 2016, we acquired Wahlbergs Plastkliché AB, allowing us to offer help with embossing. We are also able to offer heat embossing for logos and text on leather, for example.

    Several OEM customers
    For the last 9 years, Stans-Service has been owned and operated by Eric Wester Dahl, who has many years of experience in the insulation industry. Eric came into contact with the company through one of his former employers who he had purchased tools from and he would then go on to buy the company. The company now has five employees and works with customers across a variety of industries throughout Sweden. We primarily serve customers in the electronics industry who require punching services for insulation materials for various electronic components. The insulation material is used to channel heat away from the most sensitive components as efficiently as possible. Several of our customers are so-called OEM companies. These are companies that manufacture end products, either from products they manufacture themselves or materials they purchase from us or other companies.