Punching of soft materials

Stans-Service has several punching machines for punching everything from small thermal pads of approx. 3x3mm to large gaskets and insulation details up to approx. 0.65×1.6m. We punch through most “loose” parts and we also kisscut punch many self-adhesive parts. 

Stamped gaskets

Gaskets are used in several different types of products. Our main customer base today is in the electronics industry. We can deliver almost anything when it comes to gaskets, for example, we have produced gaskets for forestry machines, toilets, water pipes and compressors for air and oil.

Die cut isolation

We punch many types of insulation materials and some filter materials, especially we punch a lot of thermal interface materials TIM, so-called gap fillers or Gap Pads for the electronics industry. We have many different types of gap filler in stock and can order even more through our suppliers if it is not in stock with us.

Top punching/kisscut punching

We kisscut punch a lot of self-adhesive thermal foils and pads, as well as some tape details. That is, we punch through the material with not the actual plastic/paper liner, the details are delivered on sheets or rolls.

Die cut plastic

We punch plastic foils such as. PET, PI, PC in thicknesses from 0.05-0.5mm. As well as thin plastics in PE, PET, PP, PVC, PC, PTFE etc, the softest variants up to approx. 3mm thickness. We have some types of plastic films in stock in 0,1-0,5mm thickness and can order many different types of plastics if desired.

What we usually make parts from

Gap Pad/Filler

A term commonly used to describe a thermally conductive silicone pad or material used to fill gaps and improve heat transfer between two surfaces, such as between a processor and a heat sink.

Sil Pad

An abbreviation for silicone pad, a type of heat-conducting material in pad form used to improve heat transfer between two surfaces, especially in electronics to cool components such as processors.


A brand name for a type of thermally resistant aramid fiber that has very good electrical insulating properties.


A brand name for a polyimide film known for its thermal stability and widely used in electronic applications as insulation on circuit boards and as a substrate for flexible circuits.

PET film/Mylar

Polyester film or PET film is an extremely tear-resistant and durable plastic that has very good electrical insulating properties.

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