Plastics & films

Punched plastics and plastic films

We punch plastic foils such as. PET, PI, PC in thicknesses from 0.05-0.5mm. As well as thin plastics in PE, PET, PP, PVC, PC, PTFE etc, the softest variants up to approx. 3mm thickness. We have some types of plastic films in stock in 0,1-0,5mm thickness and can order many different types of plastics if desired.

The process

The process of punching plastic usually involves the use of cutting tools or punches that punch the plastic sheet or foil. These tools cut through the plastic material according to the desired shape. Depending on the requirements, the die-cutting can be done manually or with the help of automated machines to ensure precision and efficiency.

The benefits

The advantages of die-cut plastics include its versatility, precision and speed of the manufacturing process. In addition, plastic stamping allows for the creation of detailed and complex shapes that can be difficult to achieve with other manufacturing methods. This makes it a popular method for producing customized plastic components that meet specific design and functional requirements.

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