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  • Punching tools

    Punching tools

    In order to be able to manufacture parts in larger series, a punching tool or a punch form is needed. The term “punching tool” is used within the industry, while the printing industry, which uses other formats, uses the term “punch form”. We manufacture high quality flatbed die cutters. For better durability, a track for the steel line is cut using a scroll saw which ensures a longer service life for the tool. Our Stans-service helps you produce your tool or shape based on your unique needs. You can either send drawings of your product or a finished prototype that we can use to create our own drawings. If needed, we can also help you develop new prototypes.

    Punching soft materials

    Our Stans service can offer punching for soft materials such as rubber, plastic (up to 3 mm.), paper and leather. We can deliver finished punching tools/shapes in dimensions up to 2×1 metres. Our customers place high demands on our products, and we ensure that all products can be easily traced upon request by our customers. We believe that this is a strength which allows us to ensure the quality of the process.

    Punching tools

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