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  • Punched gaskets

    Punched gaskets

    Gaskets are used in a number of different types of products. Our clientele today primarily comes from the electronics industry. We deliver gaskets suitable for virtually any application, for example, we have produced gaskets for forestry machines, toilets, water lines and air and oil compressors.

    Top punching

    We currently offer punching for most smaller series, and we are especially skilled at top punching. We punch through the material but not the protective/adhesive paper which allows for self-adhesive gaskets. Our customers often deliver the materials to be punched, but we can also help by providing the material you would like to punch. Of course, we are available to assist you throughout the entire process, from the purchase of materials to the delivery of the product. We punch a wide range of materials, including plastic, foam plastic, paper, cardboard, rubber or leather.


    Occasionally, a shape can be too complex to make it worthwhile to do a tool and punch. In cases like these, we can help you by cutting out these products. Trimming can be used for several different products and materials. Commonly occurring tasks include trimming tapes or thermal insulation for circuit boards, so-called thermal interface material. Of course, we can help you with much more than that.

    We recently invested in a brand new cutting machine from Zund for Stans-service, which we can use to cut out your product. This means that we are also able to cut out gaskets and dummies for printed items, to offer top punching for sil pads and gap pads, as well as insulation and adhesive film parts. Many of our current customers come from the electronics industry, but we can help with most of the cutting assignments; just contact us and tell us what you need.

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