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  • Embossing & Pressure Clichés

    Embossing & Pressure Clichés

    For a few years now, we have offered our customers embossing and printing clichés for their production through our Stans-service. A cliché is used for embossing and blind embossing text and logos on paper and cardboard and for sand moulding. Pressure clichés can be also be used for printing on paper, tape, or similar materials. We can also help with heat embossing logos or texts in leather.

    Once you contact us, we will ask for a drawing document, such as a PDF, with your motif. We then use your document to create an embossing or printing cliché. We are able to manufacture a harder cliché in plastics or a softer rubber cliché; it all depends on your specific needs. Unfortunately, we are not currently able to offer metal clichés. Our clientele primarily comes from the printing industry, but we can adapt our production based on your individual.

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    Contact us
    + 46 (0) 825 62 46

    Embossing & Pressure Clichés

    Phone: + 46 (0) 825 62 46